Beta 4 Update

Thank you for joining Early Access and providing such great feedback! We still have a lot of work to do. Progress will be slow and steady. If this new update causes you issues, please let us know in the Offworld Trading Company Support forums. Save games may not be valid between updates. ( Thank you!

Here’s a list of changes that we made for this version. Please let us know if things aren’t working correctly!

[ Gameplay ]

  • Adjusted Power Surge effect values
  • EMPs / Power Surges are now shorter but have wider range
  • Renamed buildings: Patent Lab -> Patent Office; Engineering Lab -> Research Center
  • Improved resource distribution
  • Fixed black market not functioning
  • Added color coding of team assets when in Sabotage mode
  • Fixed seconds display on mutinied tiles
  • Added number of unique teams to game settings
  • After a player is bought out, they can switch to true observer mode
  • Fixed selling stock not putting you in cooldown
  • Robotic electronics factories now work twice as fast
  • Expansive units now move 50% faster
  • If you have a D bond rating, you can no longer buy black market sabotage items
  • Minimum stock price is now $1
  • Adjacency bonuses now yield diminishing returns
  • Added gas consumption to building help popups
  • Fixed some bond rating issues
  • Added Core Sample, Magnetic Storm, Auction Tile, MULE, Network Virus, Spy Black Market, Bond Ratings and Cook the Books black market items
  • You may now research the patents of players you buyout
  • Added Adrenaline Boost sabotage
  • Adjusted black market increase in 2 & 3 player mode
  • Cold fusion and water engine now automatically turn off if not profitable
  • After a mutiny, tiles will be defended against sabotage for 10 seconds
  • Can now EMP/Power Surge constructions and can scrap frozen bulidings (new constructions will still be frozen)
  • Fix for loading a single-player sandbox game
  • Shift+Del will now delete all buildings of the same type
  • Fixed issues where Energy Vault was being valued into your Resource Cash estimate
  • You may now start single-player games with no AI players
  • Black market unlock speed is displayed according to the current game speed rather than assuming normal game speed
  • Robotic HQs require less electronics now
  • The Reveal Map option now includes a debt payment for players who found earlier
  • Many AI fixes

[ Campaign ]

  • Modified mission data to support more than just name and text
  • Removed “net” and “expenses” from the campaign screen
  • Increased Perks to 15.
  • Workers you hire in the campaign are now contractors
  • Various campaign changes

[ Art ]

  • Fixed some issues with holograms and spies
  • Added team color to units
  • Various optimizations
  • Updated water pump construction animation
  • Fixed dark shipping containers
  • Updated chem lab, geothermal and wind turbine animations
  • Added wind turbine, electrolysis reactor and geothermal plant construction animations
  • Changed the color of water on the water pump
  • Switched antialiasing method from FXAA to SMAA
  • Disable depth of field when not actively visible
  • Added chemical lab construction animation
  • Fixed invisible trace carbon and trace silicon
  • Removed construction counter from the geothermal plant

[ UI ]

  • “Handicap” is now “Difficulty”
  • Players can now specify which difficulty they want to play a Quickmatch skirmish at
  • Repositioned mouseover info for campaign missions so it’s directly above the start mission button
  • Removed in-world construction text for the Scientific electrolysis reactor
  • Updated buttons on the lobby screen for multiplayer
  • Removed the Observe button from the Skirmish menu. To observe, change the team setting for the player; disabled the handicap dropdown in both Skirmish and Lobby screens when the player is an Observer
  • Fixed issues with mouseovers and sounds not playing for dropdowns in the lobby screen
  • Added ability to choose which ice type to play with in a game
  • Removed reveal map old school UI
  • Added a tooltip to map type during scanning
  • The black market is now visible during founding
  • Fixed missing specialty building icons in player list
  • Updated options menu layout
  • Revised hotkey settings layout
  • Updated black market layout
  • Fixed broken buliding silhouettes
  • Fixed flickering shipment preview paths
  • Disabled construction text for the electrolysis reactor
  • Added quick match indicator in the main game which appears if you are queued for a quick match
  • Updated building icons

[ Audio ]

  • Added audio for buying a black market item and paying back debt
  • Added new hacker queue/unqueue sounds and offworld market infinite queue sound
  • Removed support for MP3
  • Added new sounds for patent office and research center queuing/unqueuing
  • Added building scrap sounds and fx for pausing/speed controls

[ Multplayer ]

  • Quickmatch now uses the reveal map game mode
  • Quick 1v1 matches now use default game options
  • Fixed a bug where match results weren’t being reported
  • Fixed bug where observers could chat as the people they’re observing
  • Fixed a bug where clients in the lobby were not getting AI team number updates if the lobby owner turned on AI players before the clients joined
  • Fix so that if only one player and no AI make it through the Game Starting screen, then they return to the multiplayer screen
  • Possible fix for unknown player in quick match bug
  • Made it so observers don’t have to ready up for the game to start
  • Added Invite Friends list; only includes players who are online
  • Added a kick confirmation dialog to make sure you really want to boot another player

[ Misc. ]

  • Added initial Russian translations
  • Updated German translations
  • Updated pathing for mods: Mods are now stored in My Games for Windows and Application Support for OSX
  • Added warning message when changing screen resolution
  • Fixed crash caused by nuking an unowned tile