Beta 2 Update

Thank you for joining Early Access and providing such great feedback! We still have a lot of work to do. Progress will be slow and steady. If this new update causes you issues, please let us know in the Offworld Trading Company Support forums. Save games may not be valid between updates. Thank you!

  • Can now shift-click to buyout players with shares still available
  • Changed starting prices for various resources
  • Hacker Array shortages/surpluses have diminishing returns
  • Shortages less powerful with fewer players
  • Patents/techs take less time with fewer players and longer with more players
  • Pleasure domes make more money if they are closer to the colony
  • SHIFT-clicking on scrap building button scraps all buildings of that type
  • Alt-click will now ship resources immediately from a building
  • Cycle through HQs is now on the TAB key
  • More minimum resources generated in games with fewer players
  • No back-to-back random events of the same type
  • Major Campaign changes. Please check them out!
  • Players are now revealed at the end of a masquerade game
  • Allow players to concede during multiplayer games
  • Ability to reload a skirmish game
  • Keybindings are now driven by an xml file in the user directory (Hotkeys.xml)
  • Added option for auto-sharing all resource in the team game
  • Added option for turning on auto-supply for all buildings
  • Added option for turning off unprofitable buildings on buyouts
  • Daily challenge now at Manager difficulty level
  • Marathon mode now Double Stock mode
  • Added daily challenge game option
  • Increased range of random map seed from [0,999] to [0, MaxInt]
  • Fix for HQ founded off the map
  • Scanning now works when the game is paused
  • Better AI
  • Removed Quarterly Report
  • Robotic HQ upgrade animations!
  • New sexy disco ball Pleasure Dome! (I wonder what REALLY goes on in there?)
  • New Wind Turbine!
  • Solar panel construction animation!
  • New art & effects for Electrolysis Reactor!
  • Changed Patent Lab to look less like a toilet
  • Texture tweaks to the water pump
  • Generic construction animation added!
  • Offworld market rocket color now mo’ betta team colored
  • Disabled shadow-casting by flat terrain tiles for a small rendering speed boost
  • Unusable tiles on the edge of the map are now more distinct
  • Mouseovers now work in observer mode
  • After a player is bought out, s/he can now see how much cash each player has on the main UI (instead of the buyout percentages).
  • Resource paths change their intensity based on zoom level and distance from the center of the screen
  • New art for highlighted in-world resource icons
  • Best tiles when previewing a building are outlined
  • New UI system implemented in main menu
  • New pulldown control
  • New slider control
  • Fixing black market icons rendering against sandstorm and fog effects
  • Fixing bug where resources would float above tiles
  • Fixing the text submit function so that it isn’t one character behind
  • Added an option to mute music when in-game
  • Music in the game now loops
  • Music is finally played correctly through both channels!
  • You can now play single player games (Skirmish & Campaign) without being connected to Steam
  • You can no longer join a game as an observer. You join a game and then set your handicap to “Observer” to be an observer in the game.
  • Added a cooldown period before the lobby owner can press start if they change their handicap
  • When anyone changes their handicap a chat message is sent out with the player’s new handicap
  • Improved building placement preview by 3ms per frame
  • Added soft camera intersection to transparent effects
  • Many new screens ready for localization
  • Added screenshot hotkey that renders without the UI (CTRL+SHIFT+PrintScreen)
  • Exposed print screen commands to Mac: CTRL+HOME for hi-res screenshot. CTRL+SHIFT+HOME for hi-res screenshot sans UI (thanks OffworldTrader)
  • Switched Mac print screen command to CTRL+LEFT_BRACKET for hi-res screenshots, and CTRL+SHIFT+LEFT_BRACKET for hi-res screenshots without UI (thanks mischanix).
  • Logging <RI.Hid> error messages instead of spamming the screen
  • Moved TutorialSave.bin to \My Games\Offworld\ directory
  • Fixed HQ terrain hiding in the first tutorial
  • Fixing small memory leak when showing best resources
  • Prevent multiple instances of executable to run at the same time
  • Fixed bug when game was won before HQ was founded
Things that are not fixed yet but are working on:
  • Saving and loading games (more full support)
  • Audio issues on Mac
  • … and a whole bunch of other cool stuff!
Optional: Revert to v0.1.5301

NOTE: You will not be able to play multiplayer with anyone not on the same version as you!

To update to the previous version:

  1. Select Offworld Trading Company in your Steam Library list
  2. Right-click and select Properties
  3. Select the BETAS tab
  4. From the dropdown, select prev_version and click Close
  5. Steam should pull down the changed files; if you ever want to go back, do the same as above but select default

Only the version prior to the current update will be made available.