Tournaments’ Finals: Pbhead vs Zap

As many of you know the first Tournament is almost over. We had 32 participants and a couple of commentators/observers who helped us make this tournament so much fun.

As we announced in a different post and on our forums, we will be giving away a free key to one of the participants who were active. Check the forums here; also, check the Bracket for information or simply to look at predictions. So far, Zultar – one of the observers – is leading the predictions list, followed by Soren Johnson (designer of the game).

Join us tomorrow on our Twitch channel, MohawkGames, to watch Pbhead and Zap play their Best-of-5. The stream will be up at 10 a.m EDT. Soren and myself, Leylaj will be commentating, and hopefully Zultar.

May the best player win.