Announcing the Tournament Bracket

Yesterday we posted on the forum here the bracket to the first round of Offworld’s tournament. Making sure that ALL players received the news, I am posting here on the blog as well.

On Twitter I am @leylacatj, and I am using #OffworldTourney to refer to this particular event. Let us know when you decide on the times and dates of your matches so we could host them on our accounts as well.

We are glad you are part of this community. Here is the link again to the bracket:

For those who signed up, this bracket shows your opponent’s Twitch name. The time zone for the first round of the tournament is taken into consideration.

There are 32 players in the tournament. If your opponent is unavailable or unresponsive, please reach out to us before 5pm EST on Tuesday the 31st of March, and SorenJohnson or LeylaJ will replace this player (that player can not come back to the tournament and forfeits his/her place).

Please use this thread to arrange the date and time of your match so we could keep track of you. We are going to create a separate thread for people to post their results which should include a link to their YouTube videos.

Keep in mind that ZULTAR (Zultar327) has volunteered to record and comment on your videos. So reach out to him as well if you need to. All your matches HAVE to be recorded, broadcast on twitch and posted on YOUTUBE.

If you could (not obligatory if you do not have twitter) send a tweet to @leylacatj with the date and time of the match.

Mohawk Games will try to host as many games as possible at

The next round of the bracket will begin on Wednesday the 1st of April.

We are looking forward to this tournament. Good luck to all.