Twitch Tournament!

We are holding a public 1v1 Offworld tournament to find the best player out there, and this post is the place to sign up for it. If you would like to participate, please reply in the comments with the following:

  • Your Steam handle
  • Your country (to help you match up players by time zone)
  • Your Twitch account (all games must be broadcast on Twitch)
  • Any other social media links you would like to share

When the tournament starts, we will post a thread on the Offworld forums with the current matchups, and players can negotiate times to play in that thread. If a player does not respond in a reasonable time, s/he will forfeit the match. Exact rules will be posted before we start the tournament, so please sign up now if you want to participate. (Mohawk employees are welcome to sign up as well!)

The first tournament will begin no later than March 30th.