Ask Me Anything (and Early Press)

I am doing an Ask Me Anything of Reddit today at 10am EST. Join me here!

Now is also a good time to put together a short list of press since our release last month. Most extensively, I did an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun on our experience with Early Access:

The nicest response we see is people saying, ‘Oh, this is fresh. I’ve never seen something like this before.’ They’re really excited about that. Our big concern going into selling the game was, we’re specifically trying to make a game that’s different. There isn’t an economic RTS, there really isn’t something quite like that, and we’re doing that because we’re a small team. We’re not going to make a StarCraft RTS, it’s just not going to happen, so we want to do something different. And everyone says they want something different, but do they actually want something different? Are they ready to buy something different? So from a sales perspective, it’s been great. It’s been more than Stardock projected internally, and just from my own point of view, it was basically hanging around the top 25 for three weeks. It was great to see.

Further, a bunch of sites did early impression posts: