Three Podcasts

The good folks at the Three Moves Ahead podcast recently tried out the Offworld prototype for the first time, which led to the game be mentioned and analyzed on three recent podcasts:

  • Julian Murdoch shared his experiences with the game on the Gamers with Jobs podcast (referring to the game as “frickin’ brilliant”).
  • After battling each other, Troy Goodfellow, Rob Zacny, Bruce Geryk, and Julian spent an episode of Three Moves Ahead talking about the game.
  • I sat in on the Game Design Round Table after playing three games with Dirk Knemeyer, Bruce, and Julian, going into detail for the first time on the team game.

I should also use this opportunity to mention that I have actually launched my own podcast on the Idle Thumbs network to talk with noted game designers about why we make games. The show is called Designer Notes, and my first guest is Rob Pardo, formerly the Chief Creative Officer at Blizzard. You can subscribe in iTune here.