Talking About the Game

We’ve changed some of our policies recently with the Offworld prototype (which can be purchased at First of all, we’ve automated the process so that Steam keys will now be sent as soon as the transaction is complete. (Previously, we sent them out manually as a batch, once per week.) More importantly, we are changed the terms of the NDA required for playing the prototype. The only thing we are restricting now is the sharing of videos and screenshots of the game. Thus, please feel free to share your impressions of the prototype online, with friends, or wherever else you would like. We are asking people to not share the graphics because they are not at all representative of the game’s final appearance; we focus on gameplay first. Therefore, if you are interested in buying the prototype, hopefully first-hand accounts will be appearing soon.

Also, I was on a couple podcasts recently discussing the current state of the game. Listen in for an update on our progress.