Early Press!

In preparation for our announcement, I’ve been speaking with journalists and friends about the new studio and our upcoming game, and the resulting stories are now public. For more details on Mohawk’s development philosophy, our relationship with Stardock, and my goals for Mars (just a codename as, legally, we will need a more unique name), check out the following stories:

Game Informer – “Instead of the core mechanics being about combat and military and rushing people, [Mars] uses a tycoon game mechanic.”

Gamasutra – “I wanted to make a competitive multiplayer RTS that was significantly different than anything out there. I wanted it to be original.”

IGN – “I want to make large-scale games, and they’re not going to be five-dollar games. They’re definitely not going to be one-dollar games.”

PC Gamer – “I’m just bored with what’s out there. I want to see the genre stretch and expand. I feel like it’s a genre that should be as varied as board games.”

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